General Overview

Our purpose of seeing students serving God in their personal life continues through our athletic program. We believe athletic involvement compliments and enhances both the academic and spiritual potential of every student athlete. Athletic involvement develops an intense, yet proper, competitive spirit needed to experience success in every area of life.

Throughout the Bible we are exhorted to “win.” We are never exhorted to give up, quit, or to be content to be alive and “survive” in the contest. We are called to win, and though all of us will ultimately win the victory due to Christ. As Christian warriors we are also called to win each of the skirmishes in our experiences along the way. The attitudes we bring into the battles we face will determine the kind of life we live here on earth. In order to win, however, it will take Christian character (or temperance and great self-control). Athletics helps us to face these battles, teaching us what is necessary in order to handle temporary defeat on our way to ultimate victory.