Betty Bell

Biography: Ms. Betty Bonnetta Ewell-Bell began her duties at ACS as a volunteer in 1999. She became a paid employee in 2002. She holds a degree in physical therapy and is a driver education instructor. Ms. Bell teaches Bible, science and health for grades 5-8. She is a fundraiser advisor and sponsor of the Beta Club.

Ms. Bell has been very active in her community. She currently is a member of Union Town Church of Christ in Jamesville. She also serves as president of Assembly Usher League, which comprises fourteen churches, and she is president of Union Town ushers.

She is a youth leader at her church where she teaches Bible to the youth. Previously, she served as the financial officer and board member of Washington County Youth Center. She’s a former board member of the youth mentoring program NCTI. Ms. Bell is also very active in sports and has been an umpire for softball and a basketball referee.

Ms. Bell enjoys her working relationships with the faculty and staff at ACS. She especially enjoys instilling a deeper knowledge of the Bible to students. She loves people, sports, and likes to take risks.

Erica Clark

Biography: Mrs. Erica Clark has worked at ACS for over 6 years. She is also an active member of Ahoskie Free Will Baptist Church.

Mrs. Clark enjoys the opportunity of making a difference in the lives of children. She’s a proud mom of two wonderful kids, and the wife of a loving husband. Also, she says, “I love, love, love dogs!”

Terisa Davis
Biography: Coming soon!

Carolyn DeLoatch
Biography: coming soon!

Amanda Hughes
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Billie Jilcott
Biography: coming soon!

Joe Lassiter

Biography: Prior to working at ACS, Mr. Lassiter served in the US Army. He was Senior Instructor for over 15 years. He’s a graduate of the US Army’s NCO (Non-commissioned Officer’s Course), and he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Multidisciplinary Studies from Liberty University. He also has completed graduate studies at Liberty University.

Mr. Lassiter has taught 7 years at ACS. He teaches high school history and Bible. He enjoys making a difference in the students’ lives.

He’s an avid ball cord and comic book collector, and he serves as pastor of Open Arms Church in Ahoskie.

Timothy Mizelle
Biography: coming soon!

Kaitlyn Pagola
Biography: coming soon!

Melanie Parker

Biography: Mrs. Melanie Parker teaches Kindergarten and elementary music. She has served on the faculty of ACS since 2002. Mrs. Parker enjoys the freedom of speaking of Jesus during her daily teaching and being able to pray outwardly anytime of the day.

She is a graduate of AL Brown High School in Kannapolis, and she holds a bachelor’s degree in Christian Education with Music concentration from Southeastern Free Will Baptist College in Wendell.

As a talented musician Mrs. Parker plays various instruments, including woodwind, brass and percussion. As an active member of Ahoskie Free Will Baptist Church, she plays the piano, and teaches the teen group (Teen Connection) on Sunday morning. She serves as the church music director and president of the Women Active for Christ.

Michelle Walter
Biography: Coming soon!

Melissa Wommack

Biography: Mrs. Melissa Wommack teaches Math and Algebra I in grades 7, 8 and 9. Mrs. Wommack holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Life from East Carolina University.

Mrs. Wommack is beginning her sixth year at ACS. She enjoys the Christian environment at ACS and the opportunity to speak to children about God and his love for them.

She is active in her local church and community. She teaches children’s church and the junior Kingdom Connection class. She is also active in the community Sidewalk Sunday School conducted through her church.

For fun, she enjoys DS games, Legos and puzzles.